What Some Our Customers Have To Say:

Brighton United Church Of Christ
Rochester, NY
“We want to thank you for the wonderful job you did, first repairing our old furnaces and then putting the new furnaces in.  When we needed you ASAP to repair our old furnaces, you came on Sunday!  When we made our decision to buy new furnaces you gave us 3 different bids to choose from and you explained everything to us.  “GREAT!”
You went the extra mile to take out the old and put the new furnaces in as soon as possible and worked on them until they were done.  Then came back several times just to make sure everything was OK. Thanks to you and your helper.”
Joe and Betty Allu
Rochester, NY
“What a wonderful neat job well done!  Thank you so much for your promptness and services!  We will definately be calling your company again!”
Orchard Community Church
Rochester, NY
“Thanks to Mark Allen and his staff, Orchard Community Church now has a new high efficiency, reliable, and maintainable heating system!

Mark had been actively involved with maintaining our original 40 year old boiler.  When repair costs started adding up and spare parts could no longer be located, Mark presented us with various options.  His detailed proposals allowed us to make the best decision for meeting the heating and cooling needs or our church.

Mark worked with us as we needed to coordinate powering down and removing our old unit, and installing a new state-of-the-art system.  Mark was always professional, giving us confidence in his decisions and recommendations.  His quality of work is impeccable (really), and he always took the time needed to explain details, options, and progress.  Mark made us feel comfortable through the entire installation process – we stayed out of his way and let him work!  The result was a masterpiece!

Thanks to Mark, the trustees can sleep well again on Saturday night, knowing that we will have heat for the Sunday morning service!

Thanks Mark, Sarah, and staff!”

Jeff Johannes, OCC Trustee Chair